Solutions for concrete

With its special chemicals and additives for building, DROP aims at contributing innovative and efficient recipe components for products and applications.

A strong research activity on innovative raw materials allows us to offer products with high performances and great versatility of use covering all building industrial applications. Moreover a constant and qualified technical assistance allows us to offer solutions that enhance our customers performance and value.

Solutions for concrete
Segment Product name / series Description
Air-entraining agents DROPBUILD AIR 80 Air-entraining compound for concrete resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
Air-entraining agents DROPBUILD AIR 100 Air-entraining compound for concrete resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and lightweight mortar
Set accelerators DROPBUILD AC 120 Chloride-free hardening accelerator to increase mechanical strength
Set accelerators DROPBUILD FR 150 Chloride-free liquid hardening accelerator to make concrete at low temperatures
Set retarders DROPBUILD RTD High efficiency retardant
Superplasticizers DROPBUILD PLAST 100 High versatile super-plasticiser with good water reducing properties
Superplasticizers DROPBUILD PLAST 230 Versatile super-plasticiser with good water reducing properties and good maintenance of workability
Superplasticizers DROPBUILD PLAST 300 Super-plasticising accelerator for ready-mixed concrete with a high reduction of mixing water
Superplasticizers DROPBUILD PLAST 410 High-efficiency super-plasticiser for all concrete mixes with extended maintenance of workability
Defoamers DROPBUILD AS 30P Highly effective, versatile defoamer in powder form
Defoamers DROPBUILD AS 50L Highly effective, versatile defoamer in liquid form
Thickeners DROPCEL MHCR series Cellulose ethers series
Thickeners DROPBUILD STC series Starch ether series in powder form to optimize concrete stability and strength
Corrosion inhibitors DROPBUILD PSS 10 Anodic admixture designed to inhibit the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete
Waterproofing agents DROPBUILD CR 10 Crystalline compound specifically formulated to provide a waterproofing system in the concrete matrix
Expansive agents DROPBUILD ESP Expansion agent in powder form for controlled-shrinkage concrete
Shrinkage reducing agents DROPBUILD SRA Admixture to reduce hydraulic shrinkage and the formation of cracks for concrete
Form-release agents DROPBUILD DIS 100 Low-VOC, universal form-release agent
Form-release agents DROPBUILD DIS 100 ECO Low-VOC, universal ecological form-release agent
Surface curing compounds DROPBUILD AEV 100 Ready-to-use evaporation retardant on concrete flatwork of all types
Pigments DROPOXID series High performance micronized synthetic iron oxides
Fibers DROPBUILD FIBRES series Anti-shrinkage polypropylene fibres to reduce cracking

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