Solutions for coating

With innovative and more sustainable solutions, DROP additives  portfolio allows customers to get the properties they desire for a premium can of paint.  

At Drop we combine extensive know-how and industry expertise with a diverse portfolio of high-performance products including pigments, dispersions, resins and additives. From rheology modifiers and thickeners that control the flow and leveling of paint to dispersants that bring compatibility and stability, our technologies offer a full range of options for enhancing paint performance while keeping an eye on costs.

Our team of highly experienced technical experts routinely work together with paint formulators to solve the toughest paint and coatings challenges. 


Solutions for coating
Segment Product name / series Description
Thickeners DROPCEL HCR series Cellulose ethers with different viscosity according to customers needs
Binders DROPCOAT DP 200 Styrene acrylic binder designed to optimally space pigment allowing TiO2 reduction while maintaining hiding properties. APEO free
Binders DROPCOAT DP 500 Low odour pure acrylic, versatile binder with excellent scrub and properties and enhanced durability. APEO free
Defoamers DROPCOAT AS P90 Highly effective, versatile defoamer in powder form
Defoamers DROPCOAT AS 100L Highly effective, versatile defoamer in liquid form
Dispersants DROPCOAT WET series Copolymer dispersants - Prevent flocculation, sagging and settling, while improving pigment wetting
Special additives DROPCOAT UV 300 Low viscosity light stabilizer dispersion, solvent free
Special additives DROPCOAT RG 10 Liquid inhibitor for preventing flash rusting of waterborne systems
Special additives DROPCOAT IDR 100 Low-VOC, micro-emulsion waterproofing additive based on silane/siloxane blend
Pigments DROPOXID series High performance micronized synthetic iron oxides
Fibres DROPCOAT FIBRES series Super-fine cellulose fibers

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